Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup 2013

Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup 2013

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I would like to begin this blog post by saying a big thank you to hair stylist, Sarah Braim for making me aware of the existence of Vancouver Wedding Meetup as I had nooo idea about it. Can you believe I have worked in Vancouver’s bridal industry for almost  5 years now and had no idea there was such an awesome meetup happening without me!?!


After purchasing my ticket very last minute, I attended the event alone, knowing I would bump into many familiar faces upon arrival. My evening began with bumping into Christine from Life Studios Inc. in the line up to sign in. I and Christine had just worked on our first wedding together the prior weekend at the Holiday Inn on Broadway.


After grabbing a quick bite to eat from the delicious and ever so tempting buffet, I headed toward the line-up to have my photo taken by Gucio Photography where I bumped into photographer Denise Lin, whom I have worked with on two occasions. Being as a I had a giant plate of meat in my hand, I figured it would be most appropriate to get a silly picture of me with it =P A way for people to notice me, right?


At this point I spotted Alysia Hamilton from Beauty Calls. Alysia is a great friend and co-worker of mine so I was very excited to see her =] After receiving our well deserved wine coupons and retrieving the goods, I spotted another co-worker of mine, makeup and hair artist, Victoria Ho. Now was the time to get chatting to new people to!


I and Alysia spotted a very familiar face, Kuna Lu of Amoris Photography and managed to get a super cool picture of us taken by him. So fun!


Soon I got a tap on the shoulder and was pleased to see Sarah Braim, the lovely lady who alerted me of this amazing event that one could call an industry party. I thanked her again for inviting me along and we continued on the night, introducing ourselves to new people, gathering business cards and most importantly, getting to know people and having fun =] FayeSmith_VancouverWeddingIndustryMeetup
I am so pleased to have met Aubrie from Safe Smiles, a mobile and in-spa teeth whitening company that would be fantastic to tell my brides about! I and Aubrie have since met for coffee and I look forward to collaborating with her at future promotional events.


I also got to spend some time with photographer, Jeremy Jude Lee, who I had recently worked with on a collaborative photo shoot but had not had the chance to stay and chat with.
Also, getting to meet Raymond Chou from Vivid Moment Photography was meaningful to me. We had been following each other via social media for some time but never had the chance to meet in real life. It was cool to finally get to meet all these virtual friends!


Another great bunch of ladies to chat with was the team behind The Refinery Magazine whom I had styled makeup for a spread for recently. Who knew we would be sharing so many giggles so soon. Thank you to the organizers of Vancouver Wedding Meetup. I can’t wait to attend many more events and meet many more amazing people who share the same passion as me, weddings.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair