Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010

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Vancouver Zombie Walk 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Zombie Walk is coming up!

Do you have your makeup and hair artist yet? If not, why not?!

Book with your friends! Swing by and have some gorey fun with me as your makeup and hair artist. I’m located very close to downtown, right by Burrard and 1st. The perfect place to get ready and begin your walk. If you don’t fancy the short walk over the burrard bridge, there are a number of buses right up (and down) the street for you to hop on. The number 2 or 22 from Cornwall and Cypruss/Maple. The number 7 or 4 from 4th and Cypruss. The number 44 from Burrad and 4th/3rd. Very convenient!

I will be doing special offers just for the zombie walk so come and make the most out of it!

Zombie Walk Rates
Basic Zombie Makeup – $45
Basic Zombie Makeup & Hair Package – $50
Special FX Zombie Makeup – $80+
Complex Zombie Hair Styling – $40+
Special FX Zombie Hair & Makeup Package – $100+

The basic zombie walk makeup includes paling of the skin, shadowing, darkening around the eyes with all the blood and gore.
The basic zombie walk hair includes a ton of back combing and hair spray! Messy like you have been running through bushes eating bodies…appropriate?
Special FX obviously takes up more time and a lot more product therefore comes at a higher price. Though the cuts and bruises are much more believable with depth and texture!

Book Now – – 7787883552

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