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Vasanti Cosmetics

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If you are a blog reader of mine, you will know that I am a representative make up artist for all Canadian Cosmetic Company, Vasanti.

I love representing this line! I love teaching my clients about this line! I love using this line!

It is always exciting when I get a call from the managers of the beauty departments for Rexall Drug Stores in Vancouver, letting me know that they are planning their next gala and they want me there to demonstrate Vasanti Cosmetics. It is always tons of fun for myself, Rexall employees and Rexall clients.

During these events. I take 30minute bookings for clients who wish to come in and induldge in a makeover with me, using Vasanti Cosmetics that I specifically advise for them. You can see an example of a before and after in the above picture.

Vasanti celebrates the true natural beauty of women, which is why I like to go for the natural look with my makeovers. Unless my client specifies otherwise, of course!

The gala was a great success. I had clients coming back to rave about all of the compliments they had had on their makeup. I had crouds of people watching me demonstrate our fantastic magic liner which of course…amazes all of us! I had people fighting to be the next person for a makeover with me. I call that a success! I call that a great artist, great clients, great cooworkers and a great cosmetics line!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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