Ways to keep your Makeup Brushes in great shape!

Ways to keep your Makeup Brushes in great shape!

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A must have for every makeup artist is brushes, and they can be quite pricey! Finding ways to pro-long the life of each brush is always a bonus.

Thanks to Beautylish, we’ve found some ways to keep our make up brushes clean and usable. Ladies – if you don’t know, you should always be cleaning your makeup brushes. Besides having makeup on them, there’s so many nasty particles flying around in the air the last thing you want is to have them make a home in your makeup brushes.


Parisian Spirit Brush Cleaning System

Parisian Spirit brush cleaner is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents making it a powerful cleaner that gently shampoos, conditions, and disinfects your make up brushes, and dries super quick!

The above cleaning system provides everything you need to make sure those brushes are nice and clean! 
1) The spray bottle allows you to easily clean your brushes by just spraying them while in the middle of makeup applications.
2) The jar allows you to keep your brush cleaner handy without having to carry around a big bottle of it to each makeup job you do.
3) The bigger bottle gives you the ability to fill both of the above.


The Brush Guard Sleeves

Everyone has those couple of makeup brushes where the bristles are going in 150 different directions. Look no further for the solution to make those old brushes look brand new again! (Or to keep your new brushes, looking new!)
Brush guard sleeves are a mesh-like breathable material sleeve that come in many different sizes to mold the brush to it’s original form. Once the brush is cleaned, apply the brush guard to the brush and let dry. The guard also acts as a barrier to keep those germs and nasty particles away from your clean brushes.

 benjabelle brush tree

Benjabelle Brush Tree

Like we mentioned, having brushes that can last a long time are a makeup artists dream. When you wash your brushes, and leave them laying in your brush belt, or on the counter, there’s a high chance water will seep into the barrel of the brush causing the bristles to fall out.
(Which can be a big inconvenience as makeup brushes can get quite pricey.)

The Benjabelle Brush Tree is a stand which has soft silicone grips to safely hold your make up brushes upside down allowing them to dry completely. According to Benjabelle, when collapsed, the brush tree takes up no more space than an Ipad, and when set up, takes up no more room than your hair dryer.

With all this information, your brushes should always be looking brand spankin’ new! We know ours will!

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