Wedding Fair 2012

Wedding Fair 2012

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Wedding Fair 2012

Wedding Fair 2012 was a ton of fun! I was pleased to have been one of the two makeup and hair artists helping photographer, Kim Bellavance, promote her services over the weekend. Kim had a great set up as you can see in the image above. She had a booth filled with huge TV screens displaying her work through slide shows, multiple photo albums for brides to flick through and panflets, clearly indicating pricing and package deals.


I have worked with Kim Bellavance as one of her in-house makeup and hair artists for the duration of my career as an artist in Vancouver, which is now over three years! My work with Kim began with Girl’s Days! Girl’s Days were a hit at the Wedding Fair! The idea of a Girl’s Day is to have 3 or more girls join in an affordable, fun photoshoot session. Each girl brings along a suitcase full of clothes, shoes and accessories! Kim has then hung on clothing racks, shoes lined up and picks out outfits for each of the girls. It is common for ladies to bring along wine or martinis to “enhance” the fun of the shoot! Every girl comes away having an absolute blast and taking home a sexy, gorgeous image of themselves! This is perfect for Stagettes!

In our booth we had a photo frame installed into a wall that you could stand behind. We would take images of our bride-to-be’s and print them off for them to take home! This was a great and fun way to interact with the girls and get chatting. We had so much and I even got the chance to step into the frame for a shot. My boyfriend has that image sat on his piano right now!

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Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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