Wendy’s New West Wedding

Wendy’s New West Wedding

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vSK3LEzr8b-DDhHQVoUpoqGW9_XKN9L7E4_0v8ixwYKfGN_CDSrvdy8kRaoqqjQO_yvnmA=w1250-h461Natural makeup seemed to be all the rage this bridal season, and Wendy’s wedding was no different.
Candice and Leah headed out to New Westminster to get Wendy and her gals ready for the wedding and had such a blast! Leah styled Wendy’s makeup, while Candice helped out with the bridesmaids. (Who’s dresses we absolutely adore!)

The natural makeup styled for this wedding paired beautifully with the style of the wedding and Leah and Candice did an unbelievable job on all of the makeup applications.

As much as we love doing over the top glamorous makeup for weddings, natural is also another way to go. Every woman in the world is gorgeous in their own way, and by applying simple, natrual makeup, it enhances everyone’s natural beauty without being too over the top (although we always love applying false lashes – that just makes any look whether it be simple or crazy glamorous, pop!)


Congratulations again to the beautiful bride Wendy. Thank you for letting our beauty team be a part of your big day, and we wish you and your new hubby all the best.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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