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White Wave Studios

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White Wave Studios

I was called by White Wave Studios to style the hair and makeup for a client who had booked a boudoir photo shoot session. I love boudoir! I love making women look and feel gorgeous, confident and sexy!

Melinda is a beautiful young girl who had never done a shoot like this before. I could tell she was a little nervous but knew that once we had her makeup and hair done, her clothes on and some music playing to loosen her up, she would be prancing around in front of that camera having nothing but fun!

I was unfortunately unable to stay for the duration of the shoot but wow, these shots are amazing! You can trust the talent of White Wave Studio with photographing anything! Especially people!

I had so much fun styling the hair and makeup for this shoot. Flawless skin, perfect brows and a classic 50’s pin-up winged eye-liner, matched with fluttering false lashes and a natural blush colour to the lip. This was the perfect look for the clothing we had picked out. 50’s pin-up all the way!
The hair was styled with definite curls pulled to the side to add a little formality to the innocent little lady we had in front of us. A classic look!

White Wave Studios
Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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