Wilhelmina Vancouver’s Newest Star, Sam J

Wilhelmina Vancouver’s Newest Star, Sam J

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Wilhelmina Vancouver’s newest star, Sam J, christened his career by having his first ever photo shoot with myself, Faye Smith Makeup & Hair and Brandon Hart Photography.


At age 17, this really is the beginning of a very good career for Sam. He has a very unique and striking look that is going to fly him around the world. Wilhelmina’s top model scout, Jorge Ramos, saw this in Sam from a glimpse.


I absolutely love these images that Brandon snapped of Sam. I love how he is transformed from a cool, hip, skater dude into a slick and sexy young man. It feels kinda odd to say these things about a 17 year old lad but hey…he is playing the part, right? 😉


Faye Smith
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