Working with Taseda Knight Photography

Working with Taseda Knight Photography

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I have worked with world renowned model, Lucy Sobotka, on numerous occasions now and every time this girl blows me away. She is going to be a super model in no time. I am telling you! After all, she is touring around Asia right now…


It is amazing how much Lucy has grown over the past year of me knowing her. I guess it has been more than a year now. Wow! Time flies by when you are insanely busy… You will see her featured in some of my previous blog posts looking amazing as always.


I was excited when Lucy asked me to  collaborate with her and Vancouver photographer, Taseda Knight, on a fashion/editorial photo shoot. From seeing the progression in Lucy’s work, I had absolute trust in her judgement on photography and knew Taseda Knight had to be one hell of an artist.


I am so impressed with the images we produced as a team. I love how the makeup and hair designs are so simple yet so powerful. This shoot made me realize that it doesn’t need to be fantasy to be creative.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair