Yamin Htun’s Engagement Photo Shoot

Yamin Htun’s Engagement Photo Shoot

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Yamin Htun’s Engagement Photo Shoot

I always advise my brides to make the most out of their consultations. It seems to be such a waste just to go home, take it off and go to bed. I suggest having your consultation the morning of your engagement photo shoot, you bachelorette/stagette/hen party, a birthday or any other special occassion.

One of my brides, Yamin Htun, chose to take my words of advise and have her consultation on the morning of her engagement photo shoot. This is always a great idea as you can see how the hair and makeup will photograph.

Yamin wanted to go for something really light and natural. I always warn my brides that the “no make, makeup” look will hardly show up in pictures. You will look flawless but really as though you are wear “no” makeup. Some brides want that look!

After reviewing the photographs with Yamin, we have decided to go a little heavier on theday of her wedding. Maybe use a little extra eye liner and even some fase lashes. Just to make her eye pop that little extra! In person she was in love with the look. She looked perfect! We are still going to keep it light as it will be a day wedding, but just enough extra to pop those pictures!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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