What can a YUMI Lash Lift do for you?


When getting a YUMI Lash Lift, get ready to be amazed at what a difference it can do for your appearance and the time you will save in the morning getting ready. Imagine waking up in the morning and instantly looking awake and (almost) ready to walk straight out that door, conquering the world.

YUMI is an advanced technique that was created to lift the lashes without having to resort to false lashes. It enhances your natural beauty and colouring. So say goodbye to false lashes and lash extensions! just kidding–Any lash is an excellent one, but the YUMI Lash Lift is a cost-effective alternative to everyday application of strip lashes and mascara. It also eliminates the need to use a lash curler.

Instead of doing a traditional perm that only curls your lashes, the YUMI lash lift lengthens, adds height, and adds volume. This treatment not only brightens and makes your eyes appear lifted, the YUMI lash lift effect also has some anti-ageing properties.

Who is the lash lift perfect for?

The treatment is ideal for those who have long or short lashes that point straight down, and no amount of curling or mascara will keep them up. It also works great for those who have lighter coloured lashes, such as blonde or brown. The lift, in combination with the tint, will beautifully define and create contrast against the colour of your eyes.

Unlike other lash treatments and lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about getting fills, removals, or touchups. This means no maintenance, no parabens, and no harsh chemicals. You can sleep well at night knowing you’ll wake up with perfect lashes each morning.

How long does it last?

The lash lift lasts for up to 8 weeks (depending on your natural lash cycle) before the colour starts to fade and the lift relaxes.

What to do after your YUMI LASH LIFT treatment:

We ask that you don’t touch or wash your eyes for 24 hours, but do wash them with water once those 24 hours have passed. It is also recommended to use YUMI Lashes Mascara Nourish Lotion Aftercare. This helps maintain the lift for even longer. After that, continue to live your fabulous life–just with a little more pep in your step from getting to skip a step or two in your makeup regime.

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