There are many ways to make your wedding hairstyle romantic. Whether it's long and loose waves, a wispy updo, or a combination of both, you'll not only want your locks to look as lovely as ever on your big day but to last through the reception and after party. We consulted Neutrogena Hairstylist Sam Leonardi for his top tress tips.

Looking to rock a swoon-worthy updo? Contrary to popular belief, Leonardi suggests washing your hair the morning of your wedding. "I recommend clean hair because it has more volume and the style will last longer," suggests Leonardi. "I prefer to work with fresh hair over oily hair because if hair needs taming, setting products and hairspray will give it the right texture."

As for those brides looking to rock long wavy locks, go for a humidity-proof hairspray. "Humidity can drag curls down," says Leonardi. "When using a curling iron, spray before and after to set the curl." And no matter which 'do you choose, flyaways are always a threat. To tame those rebel tresses Leonardi suggests using a strong humidity-proof hairspray and Neutrogena's Triple Repair Leave-In Treatment.Read more...




I always loved the hair seen in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and at fashion shows. Doing more editorial hair was a transition over the past five years as I started working more with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and with L’Oréal Professionnel, and I became inspired.more about the difference between salon creative and editorial creative? How to balance the two?

salon creative is when the hair is coloured, cut and boldly styled, and is not wearable for most people outside the hair industry. It has a unique art that takes great skill but is also often misunderstood by the everyday person. Editorial creative can be more natural or high fashion. It is styled in a way to give a feeling of the upcoming trends for the latest collections.

Start by building a book with editorial hair; work with editorial hairstylists; and assist them while learning the art of editorial.Every day we are pushing the creative boundaries by challenging ourselves to create new editorial images. Sometimes it means changing the model’s hair look five times in quick Read more...





Make sure you have some spare time on the day you book your shoot. If you are planning the busiest week alive, it may not be the best time to schedule your headshot session. If you show up the day of the shoot and you didn't have time to prepare or are running late, your mind will be all over the place and it will be very difficult to focus on your headshot session. Seeing as your headshot is usually your first gateway into a job, you need to make it a priority and take the time for yourself to prepare. Also on the day of the shoot plan for a little extra time as well! My sessions usually range anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on which headshot package you are getting. I want to make sure you get the looks you need and if we decide a few extra minutes is needed to accomplish that, then I’d like to take the time to have you leave the studio happy!

You having fun means you are relaxed. You being relaxed means we are getting great shots that are not only really connecting to the camera, but to the agents and casting directors who will be looking at your headshot! I love to have music blasting during my shoots. If you have any preferences let me know! If you want to bring a friend or entourage to make sure you stay relaxed then do it! Read More..