Eat Your Way To Amazing Skin

Eat Your Way To Amazing Skin



This past weekend I visited the Trout Lake Farmers Market and was inspired by the incredible selection of fresh local produce available. It got me thinking about the relationship between what we eat and how we look. It is no secret that the food you eat has everything to do with how your body runs. Although it is possible to lose weight eating twinkies, eating sugar and highly processed foods all the time leaves you feeling sluggish and sick, as well as taking a major toll on your skin. I wanted to know which foods would actually visibly effect my skin, so I asked the smartest person I know. Google.


Be Pro Antioxidants

Antioxidants are enzyme compounds that occur naturally in food that help prevent or stop cell damage caused by free radicals. Our bodies produce enzymes to protect us from free radicals but they need back up. Eating foods high in antioxidants can help defend your skin from sun damage, pollution and aging. If you’re looking to boost your antioxidant intake, pack your fridge with foods like blueberries, nuts, chocolate (70% cocoa or higher people, this is not an excuse to stock up on snickers bars), dark green veggies, sweet potatoes and fish.


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The Skinny On Fatty Acids

It might seem counter intuitive, but more and more information is coming out in favor of eating fat. Just like with most things, this is a quality over quantity situation, so put down the fries and toss out the margarine. Foods containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are our only source for these essential fats, and they are key to healthy cell production and therefore key to healthy skin. These fatty acids give your body access to skin protecting oils, give a leg up to psoriasis treatment, and reduce inflammation from acne clogged pores. Make sure to include a healthy dose of fatty acids in your diet with foods like olive oil, nuts, fish, flax seeds, and brussels sprouts.


Check out this recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts to get your daily dose!


Think Zinc

Zinc is a metal found in foods that helps in immune function, healing, thyroid function and much more. As far as your skin goes, Zinc has been used as  an effective treatment of acne , psoriasis and eczema, as well as helping you absorb other nutrients essential to healthy skin. There is a point of diminishing return on zinc and should not be over done, luckily the best way to avoid this is by consuming zinc though food rather than supplements. Zinc rich foods include beef, cheese, spinach, pumpkin seeds and beans.

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