Help Us Help You: 5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair And Makeup Services Even Better

Help Us Help You: 5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair And Makeup Services Even Better

As Stylists, it is our job to make you look like your best self, whether you’re getting married, going to an event or about to step on to a movie set. We are the people with a bag full of tricks and the know-how to use them to cover up, contour, curl and comb you to perfection. Unfortunately, despite our tricks and sage like wisdom, we are not magicians and makeup and hair styling can sometimes only go so far. That is where you come in, our lovely canvas. Here are 5 things you can do to help ensure that your makeup and hair are perfect.

Bronzer, Curling Iron… Oh there’s my cat!


Do A Trial

This is priority numero uno (especially for Brides). It’s the hair and makeup equivalent to your ceremony rehearsal. This is your chance to work out your look and make sure you and your artist will be on the same page come the day of your event. Communication can be tricky between professionals and clients, words we use to mean one thing could mean something completely different in your interpretation, not to mention the sliding scale of intensity. When we say ” how strong do you like your eyebrows” your “strong” could be a medium on our scale. The trial is there to smooth out any communication issues and make sure you’re happy with what we have done. The same goes for hair. The stress the trial will save you is priceless, on the day of your event you can sit back, relax and let it all happen knowing that we understand what you want. Trials don’t always happen, a last minute booking or a tight budget might get in the way. In this case, bring reference photos and be realistic about them, which brings me to my next point….

Know Your Limit, Stay Within It

You love Blake Lively’s hair and you just have to have it for your wedding day, the only issue is you also love a good Lob and you just got your hair cut. Your hair stylist asks you what you want so you show her the picture and say this is what you want, and you don’t want extensions because you’re worried they wont hold in your fine hair. Luckily, your hairstylist pulls out her magic wand and taps you on the head and Blake Lively’s actual hair is now your actual hair and you all live happily ever after. Not likely. A girl can dream, but when it comes to your hair, it’s smartest to take what you’ve got and make it work for you. This is also a really great reason to do a trial, trials are a great opportunity to talk to your stylist about what you know your hair is like, what you want and if those two things work together. If your long hair is resistant to curl, but you want texture, consider a braid or an updo. If you have short hair, think extensions (which can be rented from us or purchased) or a low 20s inspired updo. Hair and Makeup is about your ability to enhance what you have to express the truest picture of yourself as a whole person. Sometimes that means working within the limitations of hair or skin, which we all have, but those limitations are what make us the strong, unique, beautiful people that we all are (can I get a “Yas Queen!!”?).

Treat Yo Skin (Well)

As makeup professionals, we have access to tools and tricks to cover and smooth a multitude of sins, but the truth is, you’ll look better if we don’t have to. A flawless base is the best way to start a makeup. Sometimes that isn’t an option because we all have flaws, but the more you do to achieve healthy skin the better. Find a good skin care regimen and stick to it. We love Eminence Organic Skin Care, or if you’re lazy with your daily routine like I am, even just removing your makeup with coconut oil and a warm damp washcloth is great (all in one natural cleanser and moisturizer? Yes Please!). Always be careful about choosing new skin care, if you’re really lost, consult a pro to point you in the right direction. Before your event, get a facial, drink plenty of water and try your very best to get a good nights sleep.

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Love Your Locks

In terms of your hair the golden rule applies. Treat your hair how you would like to be treated (if you were hair). Home color is fun and a cheaper alternative but it can do a lot of damage. Especially with bleach. If you want your hair colored, see a professional hair stylist. Once your hair is damaged there is little to be done to fix it so choose your color and your colorist wisely. Split ends are a regular part of life, and to keep your hair looking healthy, hair cuts should happen regularly. Even if you can’t get regular trims, get a trim before your event. Talk to your stylist about your hair and get them to recommend good shampoo and conditioner etc. Not all hair products are created equal and each head of hair has it’s own unique requirements, so investing a little more in good quality hair care that is right for you will do wonders! The night before you see us, make sure to wash and fully dry your hair so it is ready to go and has had a little time to replenish the natural oils that it wants and needs.

Leave The Booze On The Shelf

A drink here and there is nice for your social life, but not for your skin. When that “drink here and there” goes full Ke$ha and you’re waking up in the morning feeling a little less like P Diddy than you’d like, it can spell disaster for your makeup. When you drink your body wants to get rid of the alcohol you’ve consumed ASAP and by any means possible. One of the ways it does this is by sweating it out through your pores. Consequently, alcohol is an excellent makeup remover (though not one we would recommend since it’s super harsh and drys out your skin). So drinking heavily the night before is going to negate a lot of the work we do, not to mention the long term effects it has on your skin. A night cap or a glass of wine or 2 at your rehearsal dinner is fine, just make sure to keep a lid on things and save the partying for the reception.


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