New Services And Artist Feature: Mani and Nailah

New Services And Artist Feature: Mani and Nailah

Vancouver is an amazing and diverse city, full of people who bring their own cultural backgrounds and traditions to the mix. That is why we are excited to announce our South Asian Bridal Packages. If you have never been to a South Asian wedding, they are beautiful, full of colour and immaculate detail. Our South Asian Bridal packages were put together with that in mind, and include services unique to the needs of South Asian Brides.

We are also excited to announce and introduce 2 new artists, Mani and Nailah, who have brought their incredible skills as Mehndi Artists to our team. We asked them a few questions about themselves and their work:


Mehndi are designs drawn on the skin using a cone shaped tube applicator, brush or stick using henna paste, usually applied to the hands and feet. The terms Mehndi and Henna are often used interchangeably

Mani (Mehndi, Makeup and Hair)
Q: When did you first become aware of henna as an art medium?
A: I loved henna since I was a little girl and loved getting it done for all the Indian celebrations.
Q: How did you learn to do mehndi?
A: My mom decided to get me a tube of henna so I could scribble around with it, as I already loved to draw and sketch.  That’s where my passion of doing mehndi began.
Q: How long have you been doing mehndi?
A: I started doing it for my friends and family when I was younger. I started doing it professionally about 9 years ago.
Nailah (Mehndi)
Q: When did you first become aware of henna as an art medium?

nailah1A: I grew up around henna and as a child it was normal to see people getting mehndi done for gatherings and weddings. But I have only very recently been able to fully appreciate the work put into mehndi designs and the beauty behind it.

Q: How did you learn to do Mehndi?
A: I was always fascinated with mehndi designs even when I was younger. I then took the initiative and just started practicing on family members and copying off whatever I would see on the internet. I then started creating my own designs.
Q: What inspires your designs
A: Most of my designs consist of very natural and traditional art. Such as traditional arabic designs and Indian designs. I also like to modernize the designs and layouts of the henna.


Q: What can someone getting Mehndi done expect after removing the paste?
Mani: It takes about 24/48 hours for the full colour to show. The stain will always be darkest on the palms, where the thicker skin can absorb more henna, and lighter toward the thin skin of the wrists and arms for a beautiful ombré effect. The colour goes from a beautiful orange to a deep rusty brown.
Q: How can a client make sure their henna looks amazing for as long as possible?
Nailah: I recommend staying away from getting their hands wet for long periods of time. The less time you spend with your hands in water the longer the colour stay’s.
Mani: It is also recommended not to wash your hands for at least 12 hours after you get henna done. While the henna is still wet try not to touch anything.
Q: Are there any interesting facts about henna/mehndi that you would like to share?
Nailah: Henna has been used for beautification purposes for many years, mainly in Asia and the Middle East. Henna has more than one use, the plant is used in perfumes and medicines and even in food. There are many myths behind henna from culture to culture. Some say that the darker the brides henna is the more her mother in law will like her.

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