Product review: Clarins Detox Booster

Product review: Clarins Detox Booster

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With halloween approaching, you aren’t the only one getting a little nervous about all of the spooky things the season has to offer. Your skin faces many of it’s greatest fears this time of year too. Drugstore halloween makeup, all that alcohol and second hand smoke consumed at parties, lack of sleep, plus the abundance of mini candies, your skin can really take a beating at halloween. Luckily, there is Clarins Detox Booster.This amazing product is enriched with green coffee extract, a tropical African plant rich in caffeine with incredible detoxifying properties.


I was slightly skeptical when I first tried this product, but was very impressed by the results. After a rough night my skin was looking tired and dull. With just 3 drops of Detox booster in my moisturizer, my skin was instantly perky and glowing. You can use the product with foundation or face wash as well. I found that adding it to my foundation made my foundation look a little oily and it didn’t set as well, so I would recommend trying it with your foundation when you have a little more time to play around with it. For all of the products out there claiming to be miraculous, I was very happy to finally find one that lived up to its claims.



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