Service Review: Yumi Lash Lift

Service Review: Yumi Lash Lift

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Eyes are one of the first things that people notice when they look at you, and a polite person will focus on them during conversation (especially so if you’re wearing a classic “My eyes are up here” shirt). Because we spend so much time looking at eyes, it is no surprise that we give them the most attention as makeup artists. No matter how much contour, glitter, highlight and colour you apply, no eye makeup looks complete without great lashes. Applying false lashes every day can be tedious, and lash extensions come with a bunch of restrictions like no mascara and no curling. Being the shiny optimists that we are, we knew there had to be a better solution. Our optimism was soon rewarded when we stumbled upon Yumi Lash Lift. Yumi Lash lift is a unique, non-toxic way to naturally enhance your eyelashes. Yumi Lash Lifts use a specially formulated pigment infusion and Peptides that mimic Keratin (but are even safer to use) to lift and darken your lashes, giving you gorgeous, full looking lashes that make your eyes look bright and open.

Faye was soon a certified Yumi Lash Technician and I couldn’t wait to try this treatment. Having done lash tinting, lash extensions and using my fair share of false lashes, I was curious to see exactly how the Yumi Lash Lift would measure up. After going through the paperwork, confirming that I wasn’t pregnant (pregnancy hormones apparently negate the effects of lash treatments) and settling in, I was ready for my treatment. The treatment starts with your lashes being lifted, separated and attached to a protective cover on your eyelids. Then the peptide solution is applied, followed by the pigment infusion and then a nourishing clear mascara. All in it took about 1.5 hours. I have very sensitive eyes and in the past have suffered through eye treatments, but this was by far the most comfortable treatment I have had. I was so excited to see the results, and I was absolutely not disappointed. Not only were my lashes darker, they looked lush, long, and natural. They were still a little moist when the nourishing mascara was applied to they were slightly stuck together for the first 24 hours ( you can’t wash them for the first 24 hours, but have to wash them after 48), however after the first time I washed my face after the treatment they looked even more full and maintained their lift.


A little over 2 weeks after my treatment, my lashes still look amazing. The treatment lasts between 8-12 weeks (which is the natural lifecycle of eyelashes) and hasn’t impacted my life at all, other than the fact that my eyelashes look great without curling or mascara. After the first 24 hours, there are no restrictions on what you can and can’t do. This treatment is perfect for anyone with too-straight lashes, blonde eyelashes or anyone going on vacation who still wants to look great by the pool where full makeup isn’t ideal. Overall, this is my favourite lash treatment by far!!


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