What’s In My Makeup Bag: Amanda

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Amanda

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Every makeup artist will tell you about the best products to use, and they will all be different. While some products are genuinely better than others, it all comes down to preference. That being said, preference does count for something when it’s coming from experts. Every once in a while, we will be interviewing our team while shamelessly snooping through their makeup bags to get the lo-down on what they love and why. This week, we sat down with our lovely team member Amanda and to talk about her favourite makeup brands and how her passion for nutrition has influenced her as an artist.

Amanda attended Blanche Macdonald’s Makeup program in Vancouver and began working professionally as a makeup artist. She has worked to combine her incredible makeup skills with her love of nutrition and sought out healthy makeup brands that benefit your skin as well as the environment. Amanda told us what lead her to nutrition and her favourite products: “Nutrition is an important element of why I started switching over my product. It was a combination of things, I knew I wanted to go back to school, and I ended up having some health issues related to my thyroid. I had to do the whole gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free diet and it was a mega lifestyle change. I think like most people who have to eliminate something from their lifestyle that they’ve been doing for 30 years, I went through stages of being excited because I felt good and then depressed because I couldn’t eat anything, but then I found the balance and slowly figured out what works for me. Part of my motivation for nutrition school was to help other people who were going through a similar process and just really learning about how food affected our bodies, what fuels our bodies and just really gaining that deep understanding of cells and organs and what it means to be alive. Food is fuel so, of course, going through nutrition school I became so aware of what’s going in my body and how food is grown and where it comes from. That’s when the lightbulbs went off and I was like “holy smokes, what about all the makeup products I’m putting on people every day”. That spurred a new interest and passion in natural and organic products and trying to find out what products actually were what they were claiming to be. Just like food, it can be tough to navigate what is actually organic, that is what I’m here to help with. I’m here to help educate women about quality natural, organic products that will work for their specific needs.” From there Amanda found brands like Evelyn Iona, Sappho Cosmetics, Elate Cosmetics, and Gabriel Cosmetics that met criteria for healthy makeup. Her love of all things natural extends to her style of makeup as well, and she gravitates toward makeups that accentuate the natural features of her clients.



Primer: Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Green Tea  Primer

Colour/Shade: N/A

What’s so great about it: I like this primer because it gives a smooth finish, and it hydrates the skin a little bit as well. I find that it’s light enough that when I put this on people they still feel like their skin can breathe. When I was testing this out I wore it for a few days in a row. I would put it all over my face and then apply a full face of makeup. I really liked how long my foundation lasted over top of this primer.









img_1450Foundation: Sappho Cosmetics Liquid Foundation


What’s so great about it: I use this foundation all the time for a couple of reasons. I love that it has the frankincense in it, so whenever I apply it to someone’s face they say “oh my god what’s that amazing smell”. I also like that I can use it as a lighter coverage foundation but I can also build it up to a heavier coverage as well. Like the primer, it doesn’t have the feel of heavy makeup but it lasts really nicely and the finish is very smooth. Sappho Cosmetics is certified organic and vegan.







Highlighter: Elate Universal Creme

Wonder Highlight

What’s so great about it: Elate is a clean cosmetics company based out of Victoria, BC, and their product is manufactured in Winnipeg. I like this highlighter for a few reasons. I like to apply a little bit on the brow bone and the cheekbone. Even if somebody doesn’t want a conventional heavy concealer under the eye, I just dab a little bit of the highlighter in the corner of the eye and it reflects the light enough to brighten up under the eyes. Elate cosmetics is vegan and gluten free, and they use compostable packaging as well.





Bronzer: Sappho Bronzer


What’s so great about it: Andrea makes a great contour, especially for the cheekbones. It is pressed with certified organic Jojoba and Argon oil and made with pure natural minerals.









Eyeshadow: Gabriel Eyeshadow

Bone, Sable, Chocolate Brown, Charcoal

What’s so great about it: Gabriel Cosmetics is a Seattle-based company that is also certified vegan and gluten free and I use these all the time on everybody because they are super matte, they last really well, they contain a ton of pigment and they have very neutral tones so they work for a lot of different skin types.








Eyeliner: Evelyn Iona

Very Black

What’s so great about it: A lot of people know about this product, it is a great substitute for MAC Blacktracks. It is a natural, organic eyeliner, and it is super long lasting which is amazing. This eyeliner has a coconut oil base and is also made with vitamin e oil.








Mascara: Gabriel Mascara


What’s so great about it: It is smudge free and water resistant (not waterproof, however), and really easy to build up. It is one of my go to natural mascaras.












Lipstick: Elate


What’s so great about it: This is a product I recommend for anyone who is a little afraid of lipstick yet still wants a little bit of colour, its a sheer berry tone so it goes really well on mothers, on young people, pretty much anybody can wear it regardless of skin tone. Again, Elate cosmetics is vegan and gluten free, and they use compostable packaging.








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