What’s In My Makeup Bag : Christa

What’s In My Makeup Bag : Christa

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Every makeup artist will tell you about the best products to use, and they will all be different. While some products are genuinely better than others, it all comes down to preference. That being said, preference does count for something when it’s coming from experts. Every once in a while we will be interviewing our team while shamelessly snooping through their makeup bags to get the lo down on what they love and why. This week, our blogger Christa opened her makeup bag and took us on a tour of the products she loves the most.






Foundation: Makeup Forever HD

Colour/Shade: N115

What’s so great about it: I am a flip-flopper when it comes to foundation, I like to try new things. Makeup Forever is a brand I keep coming back to, and the HD foundation is a favourite for sure. I am pretty pale, and I’m also not into mixing my own foundation for every day use (although it is really easy to mix when I need to). I find that this is one of the best colour matches for me and have had a lot of success with the other colours on people I’ve worked on. It goes on really nicely, blends well and gives me enough coverage that I feel confident using it without a heavy concealer under my eyes. The pump dispenser is great unless you’re one of those people that likes to crack open their makeup containers to get every last drop out of it. When I’m on a budget I’m all about the Revlon Colorstay. One of my makeup mentors mentioned it to me as a great foundation when I was first building my kit, and for a relatively inexpensive foundation, it was really fantastic.









Brows: Young Blood Brow Artiste Sculpting Pencil (Available in our online store)

Colour/Shade: Blonde

What’s so great about it: I only recently started filling in my eyebrows, they are super light (I am one pale mamajammer) and I always felt like a ventriloquist dummy when anyone would fill them in. I slowly started filling them in with eyeshadow and worked my way up to other products and learned how to make them look nice and natural. I love this pencil because of all of the things. It has a built in brow brush on the end so I don’t have to dig to find one, and the pencil itself is tapered so I can fill in the thick parts of my brow quickly, but still have a finer point to finish off the outside of my brows. It lasts a long time (I haven’t gone swimming with it but I know someone who has and their brows still looked great afterwards).




Eyeshadow: MAC

Colour/Shade: Bisque (bottom) Omega (left) Sketch (top) Copperplate (right)

What’s so great about it: MAC eyeshadow is almost nostalgic for me. My mom bought me my fist eyeshadow (a pearly pink, and a sparkly green eyeshadow) from MAC. These colours in particular are my base for a good smokey (purple) eye and they’re also super versatile. Bisque is an amazing contour colour that I use just under my cheekbones to give my face more dimension, and Omega was the first powder that I used to fill in my brows (its perfect for blonde brows). I love the range of colours (I have so many pallets full of MAC eyeshadow), and they go on wonderfully. I have to admit that my very favourite eyeshadow brand is actually Napoleon Perdis, but they’ve pulled out of Canada and are basically only available in Australia now.







Eyeliner: Evelyn Iona Natural/Organic Cream Gel Liner (Available in our online store)

Colour/Shade: Very Black

What’s so great about it: I love a good cat eye eyeliner, and this product is perfect for it. It goes on creamy and stays all day. I even put it in my water line and it doesn’t just immediately migrate into the corner of my eye to form a giant mascara goopy.






Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Lots Of Lashes

Colour/Shade: Blackest Black

What’s so great about it: This is another product that I have always come back to. The Great Lash Mascara has been the mainstay of my kit for ages, every once in a while I’ll try another mascara and immediately regret it. The teardrop shaped applicator separates my lashes and coats them perfectly. And although it has absolutely no impact on how good the product is, I am in love with that hot pink and lime green tube.









Lips: Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm

Colour/Shade: (Back to front) Precious, Unapologetic, Striking, Passionate

What’s so great about it: I have always hated reapplying lipstick and have rarely worn it because of this. I love this lipstick because for the most part, I don’t have to worry about it coming off, and when it does, it usually fades slowly and uniformly. I actually went out to Sephora to try out a few similar products and they didn’t even come close in terms of longevity and texture. I wore Precious for my wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect for a day that I was constantly having my picture taken and not having time to be constantly reapplying/checking my lips. My only complaint is that there could be a wider range in the colours, but that is really it. I’m obsessed.








Nails: Essie Nail Laquer

Colour/Shade: Kimono-over

Whats so great about it: The colour, the colour, and oh yes, the colour. I am so so into it. It is a brilliant moody purple, almost black but not quite. I was looking for a polish that didn’t contain formaldehyde and Essie is a safe brand for that.







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    I absolutely love this read Christa. So informative and entertaining! I want to go cosmetic shopping right now! I also just discovered that Evelyn Iona recently pulled out of Canada to! They love Faye Smith Makeup & Hair so much that they leave them as the sole Canadian retailer. This is the only place you can find their products!

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