Why We Have A Crush On Airbrush Makeup

Why We Have A Crush On Airbrush Makeup

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While there are plenty of makeups and foundations out there, airbrush foundation is our makeup crush. It is practically perfect in every way, and we can’t get enough! Here are a few reasons why we’ve fallen head over heels for this makeup:

Customizable Coverage

Everyone has a different idea of what foundation should look like. Someone who doesn’t wear makeup every day is more likely to want lighter coverage, whereas someone who enjoys makeup and wears it often usually is more comfortable with full coverage. The beauty of airbrush makeup is that your coverage isn’t limited by the coverage of the product. Airbrush makeup can be layered easily to get the desired look. It has a gorgeous natural looking matte finish which can be adjusted if a more dewy look is desired. img_7865

It Outlasts Other Foundations

Airbrush foundation is the Energizer Bunny of makeup, it just keeps going, and going, and going. While other foundations absorb in to your skin, airbrush makeup sits on top of your skin providing the longest lasting coverage available. We recommend airbrushing especially for long days, hot weather, humidity and oily skin.



A Flawless, Photo Ready Finish For All Skin Types

We’ve already mentioned oily skin but airbrush makeup is perfect for all skin types, especially people with sensitive skin as it eliminates the need to touch the skin with a brush or a sponge which can be irritating. It looks incredible on camera, or in person and makes for a very relaxing, luxurious makeup experience. It is the perfect makeup for every occasion ( within reason, of course, so don’t plan to use airbrush makeup before your diving lessons).


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